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Internet Governance

Computer crimes have become a dangerous problem over the past few years that governments and private Organizations worldwide have begun to crack down on one of the most common types of computer crime known as hacking.

“When we laid the foundation of Indian Cyber Army for the elevation and the endorsement of the cyber society traditions among the entire society, with the goal Digitally Secured India in January 2011, along with Some Printed Papers and short but dedicated team, we marked a vision that would change the life of Cyber World.. We will make it most secured and crime free”.

In today’s networked world, India is having the fastest growing cyber society in the world. Most of the organizations and enterprises depend on different kinds of Information Technology solutions, say e-commerce, e-governance, e-learning, e-banking etc..

Indian Cyber Army nurture and shape young minds to help them continuously meet the challenges of the ever evolving Cyber Crimes. Consequently, we aim to spread the education to school children, teachers, parents and senior citizens and equip them with the knowledge needed to mitigate the threat.

Looking at the growing importance of the Information Security, our activities under this programme is to widely generate information security awareness to children, home users and non-IT professionals in a planned manner. We take pride in our ability to help numerous professionals across the country chart their road to success and soar to new horizons.

Today, we can say with pride that Team Indian Cyber Army is second to none. They are Best Security Experts, Trainers and investigators in Information Security world.

We’re glad we can motivate them to perform to their full potential. However, we believe, the biggest and most profound learning we have given our team has been the lessons they have imbibed outside the box.

If Indian Cyber Army Team is a cut above the rest, it’s because they are sharp. And they leave their mark wherever they Work as professionals and as human beings.

Having said that, I indeed feel privileged to invite you all to the family of juvenile and energetic professionals in Cyber Society. .

Thank You !