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Infosec Research

Indian Cyber Army has setup independent security research centre. The primary focus of Indian Cyber Army is to conduct high quality research in the general areas of Information security, and performance optimization in Networking, at affordable costs. The Centre will be a platform to provide defense against other cyber threats such as information warfare. Our mission is to develop information infrastructures into more secure and reliable infrastructures and to enhance the communication networks and protocols of today’s best-effort Internet.

Infosec research is about the procedure by which framework in an organization is proactively ‘chased’ for evidence of ‘threats’ which have gone undetected by different means – demonstrating that an organization has just been bargained.

The goal is to explore allied areas of networking, with the emphasis on verified designs, implementation, and evaluation of secure network systems, protocols, and applications. Institute research facilities include campus-wide wired and wireless networks as well as a heterogeneous collection of computing systems and some new infrastructure. In effect, Indian Cyber Army is an extensive test bed with several thousand wireless networked computers and active users.
Indian Cyber Army tailor threat chases to every association contingent upon their foundation, existing policies, and procedures, and needs with respect to Information Security.
Inside an organization’s Cyber Security portfolio, Infosec research would most suitably fit in the middle of Penetration Testing and Alerts & Advisory.

Why proactively research for threats?

Each organization is liable to cyber-attacks. Resistance inside and out is a piece of the response to reducing exposure and mitigating the impact. However, recognizing threats and reacting to them in an auspicious way is proceeding to demonstrate testing. Infosec research is a proactive alternative to relying on traditional rule or signature-based alerting security solutions (like anti-virus and intrusion detection systems) or human-based monitoring.
We furnish front-line consultancy joined with expert knowledge exchange to instructing your team the reasonable advances expected to plan and conduct infosec research activities all through the venture.

What benefits will Infosec research deliver?

There are a few advantages that infosec research will convey to an organization of any size. These advantages are remarkable to an infosec research since they identify threats in regions which may be considered outside the extent of existing Information Security controls or appliances, using skilled Threat Hunters sending a blend of programmed instruments and manual examination methods. Existing controls or apparatuses may incorporate strategies and methodology or robotized security devices like Network Intrusion Detection Systems or Firewalls.

In particular, Infosec research conveys:

• Assurance that current Cyber Security controls are viable at shielding an organization from breach or assault.

• Recommendations for enhancements to existing Cyber Security controls or the presentation of new ones in view of clear actualities which help to help any venture from Cyber Security Budgets.

• Protection against foes in all shapes and structures be it malware, insider threats, particular vindictive performing artists, improper configuration or insecure design. Infosec research is particularly useful in its capacity to ensure against insider threats and information spillage by recognizing non-conformance to delicate Cyber Security Policies as far as anyone knows clung to by employees.