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Infosec Awareness

Cyber Crime & Cyber Safety Awareness is the need of the hour as Cyber Crimes on the high Rise in India. There is a need to spread awareness about the online threats among the students. As the technology is progressing, we are getting more dependent on the online easy ways of dealing with our daily life stuffs, let it be socializing, or business dealings, paying bills, making reservations etc..

There lies a threat of information theft. Lack of awareness about the attack vectors that a malicious attacker uses makes it fairly easy for any user to fall victim to such attacks.
Taking these as Initiative Indian Cyber Army came up with Cyber Safety Education & Awareness. It aims to train participants and produce skilled ethical hacker and equips them with all the tools, techniques and methods needed to fight cyber crimes on the Internet and intended to produce cyber army for the next generation.


The objectives of this campaign are to broadly spread the message of safe and secure computing practices amongst all sections of society. The aim is to percolate the messages regarding safe and secure practices in using the internet, in a simplified fashion so that it can be understood by one and all irrespective of their age and education levels.

To ensure maximum reach the awareness campaign is being built with a multilingual interface in all languages of India. This initiative from Indian Cyber Army has broad areas of coverage, right from school going children, teachers, and students of colleges, universities and the general public whose lives are impacted by the ever growing networked world, through the portal.


  • Expose the threats posed by different mediums of hacking to the Indians.
  • Highlight the vulnerabilities and current preparedness of National Agencies to fight and avert Cyber Attacks demonstrated by examples.
  • Streamline Strategies to build a better defense mechanism
  • Highlight every detail through our esteemed newspaper in order to create a momentum.
  • Child Protection Issues surrounding mobile phone and internet use.
  • Internet Safety Tips and ways of reporting abuse.
  • The dangers of meeting strangers offline
  • How to report online child abuse or find advice and support.