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Policy Advocacy

Indian Cyber Army’s Policy advocacy/ Cyber advocacy main goal is basic yet multi-layered, as we’ve scaffolded to secure the consistently changing world around us.

In the case of educating policymakers about key security issues, advancing the need of a competent cyber security workforce or building awareness about cyber security as a rewarding career opportunity, our group of experienced advocates explains cyber advocacy to our members consistently as we collectively work toward accomplishing our vision of motivating a sheltered and secure cyber world.

Cyber awareness and education go as an inseparable unit in stemming the tide of cyber threats. Together we can fortify the playground of cyberspace and make it sheltered and fun indeed. Together we can annihilate predators from our midst. Together we can advocate for a respectable online society that keeps our most vulnerable and valuable resources safe.


What our Policy Advocacy/ Cyber Advocacy is For

Cyber Bullying

Capable computerized citizenship is basic. Every day three out of four individuals report cyber bullying. The teen suicide rate is ascending at stunning insights. We educate and protect the citizens of India at this advanced age. The cyberspace should be free of embarrassment.  Crafting policy is vital to strategizing a harassment-free world. A safe cyber world for our future generation should be guaranteed. Indeed, Even in elementary school.

Digital Privacy

Abusing and harassing grown-ups and teenagers with negative information leaves a digital footprint. These repercussions can mushroom if permitted to rot and develop. Advocating for Digital privacy laws is our main goal and looking closure is our passion. Nobody ought to need to fear the inappropriate posting of any digital content in social media and beyond. The defamatory content is unfashionable; we will likely keep it that way.

Digital copyright/ Intellectual copyright

Mimicry and copyright infringement are the new age reality of burglary. Infringement rights and data breaches target our weak spots. Immaterial protests in any case are burglary at any level. Securing advanced substance ought to be at the front line of digital reform today. We ensure it is.

Child Advocacy

Keeping youngsters out of the line of sight is our battle cry. Prowling pedophiles threaten and debase kids through offensive material. Abuse is abuse at any age and in any medium. Our endeavors in defensive campaigning and support are chief on our plan every day. It is the thing that permits us – and those that know our work – to rest during the evening calmly.