Cyber Crime Helpline

The CYBER HELPLINE project (NATIONAL Action Initiative on Cyber Crime Incidents) is a running from 17th October 2015. It has a National scope and is conceived as a resource to support, in a pragmatic manner, states that are prepared to implement the cyber crime helpline number. It was Initiative by Indian Cyber Army, Which was founded as Proprietorship in 2011 and Registered as NGO under Indian Trusts Act 1882 in September 2016.

The CYBER CRIME HELPLINE project aims at enabling authorities to engage in national cooperation on cybercrime and primary relief to cyber victims. More generally it aims at developing social harmony, training and cooperation at the national level against cybercrime. Most of the people don’t know where to report cyber crime. But with the access to our complaint number, they can submit their case/report to our unit and ask for technical help.

The Support Team is trained in matters of cyberlaw, digital security, social media app frauds and psychological support. It includes a qualified psychologist, digital security expert and trained lawyer, all of whom provide specialized assistance when needed. So, if you want to register or submit a cyber crime complaint, here is the contact number to dial.



The victims of cyber offences can use this phone number to get an expert advice from our team at Indian Cyber Army.


The objectives of the Cyber Helpline are to provide the public with a reliable and convenient reporting mechanism to submit information to the Local Police concerning suspected Internet-facilitated criminal activity and to develop effective alliances with law enforcement and industry partners. Information is analyzed and disseminated for investigative and intelligence purposes to law enforcement and for public awareness.

With prime minister digital India mission and internet growth in India, more indians are going online. This has also prone to cyber security risk. Our infrastructure consisting police, banks, common people etc are not yet ready enough to deal with these risk in security and privacy. There is lack of training programs to deal with information security & digital investigation.

The inability of Indian police and common people to deal with these internal attacks insist us to set a public cyber crime complaint number. After the launch of this first private helpline, our reporting cell has received the complaint in large numbers. Our aim is to increase the awareness as well provide our expert guidance to the victims at zero cost.


Before you take action to report a cyber crime complaint, you must be aware of these facts. Cybercrimes are criminal activities carried out by means of computer and internet. For our cyber support team to tackle these things for you, we may need:

  1. Your name, email address & contact number along with an application letter to the concern department.
  2. The victim may need to submit certain document which may vary with the types of threats or crime.

If a user wants to submit a hacking/phishing complaint, he needs to provide information like server logs, soft as a well hard copy of the defected website. If information has been stolen from a computer, server or network; copy of original as well compromised data should be provided.

Details of access control mechanism i.e; list of persons who have got the access to the computer, data etc. You may also be asked to submit a list of suspicious people and everything other which support your complaints. In the case of filing an email related cyber complaint, you should provide the extended header of the email and offended email details.


While fighting cybercrime is of the primary responsibility of law enforcement authorities, the role of the private sector should not be underestimated given the highly technical nature of this phenomenon and the necessity to develop a fast and effective response.

We must agree on the fact that it is sufficiently not enough to be dependent on the government effort only. Thousands of attacks affect most of the individuals & private firms each year.  They all need to be ready with their own specialized team & special task forces.

Cybercriminals are substantially motivated by profit and in particular financial profit. As for any legitimate business, they conduct cost/benefit analyses. As a result, their activities ignore legal boundaries between criminal law and civil law. Therefore fall under the remit of law enforcement agencies as well as other public authorities. Mainly those in charge of protecting consumers and personal data.