Cyber Helpline

With the increasing technology, cyber crimes are also increasing day be day. Hence, the urgent need to establish a Private Cyber Crime Reporting Center dedicated towards individuals, Corporate and law enforcement agency. We established National Cyber Crime Reporting Center. The investigation work to be undertaken in the Cyber Crime Reporting Center and data collected here shall be of great benefit to the entire cyber crime cells of Nation. Cyber Crime Reporting Center to serve as a means to receive cyber related crimes for further research, develop, and refer the criminal complaints to cyber crime cells and law and enforcement and/or regulatory agencies for any investigation they deem to be appropriate. We deal in these kinds of computer crimes:

+ Website Hacking
+ Email hacking
+ Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin Profile abuse
+ Software piracy
+ Copyright disputes
+ Cyber Blackmailing

So, if you have suffered computer related loss may be regarding credit card, net banking forgery, stocking, terrorist operations, encrypted files, porn and sex crime, some job related fraud, extortion or anything else, we can serve you in best way by recovering of your lost amount or deletion of social media accounts. The evidence for the Cyber crime investigations can be collected from computer hard disks, CDs, DVDs, floppies, computer networks, cell phones and the Internet, to name a few.