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Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence, otherwise called cyber threat intelligence (CTI), is organized, analyzed and refined data about potential or current assaults that debilitate an association.

Indian Cyber Army’s primary purpose of threat intelligence is helping organizations comprehend the threats of the most widely recognized and severe, external threats, for example, zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and exploits. In spite of the fact that risk performing artists likewise incorporate internal (or insider) and partner threats, the accentuation is on the sorts that are well on the way to influence a specific organization’s ambiance. Cyber Threat intelligence incorporates into profundity data about particular threats to enable an organization to shield itself from the types of attacks that could do them the most damage.

In security context related to government agencies or corporate world Indian Cyber Army provide information that gives an organization with decision support and possibly a strategic advantage. Threat intelligence is a segment of security intelligence and, similar to SI, incorporates both the information pertinent to shielding an organization from outside and inside threats and also the procedures, strategies, and tools intended to accumulate and examine that information.

Cyber Threat intelligence services provide organizations with current information related to potential assault sources pertinent to their businesses.