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Infosec Publications

Indian Cyber Army Infosec publications serves as a starting-point for those new to information security as well as those unfamiliar with Indian Cyber Army’s information security Infosec Publications and guidelines. The intent of this special Infosec Publication is to provide a high-level overview of information security principles by introducing related concepts and the cyber security control that organizations can leverage to effectively secure their systems and information.

To better understand the meaning and intent of the cyber security control described l, this publication begins by familiarizing the reader with various cyber security principles. After the introduction of these security principles, the Infosec Publications provides detailed descriptions of multiple security control as well as the benefits of each cyber security control dept.

The point is not to impose requirements on organizations, but to explore available techniques for applying a specific control to an organization’s system and to explain the benefit(s) of employing the selected controls.

Since this Infosec Publications provides an introduction to information security, detailed steps as to how security controls are implemented or how to check for security control effectiveness are not included.

Intended Audience

The target audiences for this Infosec Publications are those new to the information security principles and tenets needed to protect information and systems in a way that is commensurate with risk. This publication provides a basic foundation of concepts and ideas to any person tasked with or interested in understanding how to secure systems. For that reason, this publication is a good resource for anyone seeking a better understanding of cyber security basics or a high-level view on the topic.