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Infosec Awareness

Infosec Awareness is a formal process for educating pupils about computer security.

Internet safety is every ones responsibility. It’s all about being able to have fun online – to be able to chat with your friends, to post a video that you’ve made or a song that you’ve written, to be free to find out more about information you’re interested in and check out the latest trends – without being bullied, annoyed or scammed, or having your ideas stolen including identity theft.

Internet safety is a lot more than just about ensuring that your computer has the latest anti-virus and firewall software installed. It’s about being smart about how you handle yourself online and savvy about how you deal with other people (especially strangers who you meet online), and not falling prey to an online scam artist who takes advantage of your ignorance

Lack of awareness about the attack vectors that a malicious attacker uses makes it fairly easy for any user to fall victim to such attacks.Taking these as Initiative Indian Cyber Army came up with Information Security Awareness & Education. It aims to train participants and produce skilled ethical hacker and equips them with all the tools, techniques and methods needed to fight cyber crimes on the Internet and intended to produce cyber army for the next generation.

Our Information Security awareness program train Corporate as well as Governments employees of about policies and procedures for working with information technology (IT).  Employees should receive information about who to contact if they discover a security threat and be taught that data as a valuable asset. Regular training is particularly necessary in organizations with high turnover rates and those that rely heavily on contract or temporary staff.


1. National Cyber Safety Mission

Indian Cyber Army has taken a visionary initiative to curb and enervate the notoriously spreading cyber threats from various directions and dimensions. Towards this end, Indian Cyber Army is carrying out extensive awareness, training and education campaigns, so that the public are made aware of the dangers of the internet, and how they should be careful and avoid falling into cyber traps. In addition, Indian Cyber Army has also embarked on setting up cyber security research centres across India, with the objective of conducting research, training and hands on lab environment for school, college, university, industry and professionals. These research labs will also be involved in detecting, analyzing and preventing cyber threats attacks and forensics.

2. HackinTech Workshops

After attending this workshop, you will understand the Information Security and Cyber Security better and be able to implement best practices

• Understand Information security, security needs and security technology.

• Understand the risk and risk management process along with planning, implementation and maintenance of security.

• Learn the various types of hacking like Web Application hacking, Network hacking with real-time demo on how hackers hack.

• Learn about the types and threats of malware, ransomware, viruses, worms, bots and Trojan horse.

• Learn about the external and internal threats with Incident response and defense mechanism.

• PCI-DSS Compliance.

• Learn about hardening and securing Windows and Linux based operating system and workstations.

3. Cyber Sipahi

Cyber Sipahi is a student with unique aim to promote awareness about cyber crime in the society. A Cyber Sipahi is trained to identify cyber crime activities, and equipped with adequate preventive knowledge to help fight this menace. He understands the risks associated with virtual socializing and he works to promote Cyber safety in his surrounding environment. A Cyber Sipahi plays a vital role to create Cyber awareness among fellow students, teachers and parents.

4. Student Mentorship Program

Student Mentorship Programme is designed to help aspiring and passionate students to work on Security Research projects under the guidance of Expert Security mentors. Our ultimate aim is to lift the quality of education levels and generate greater research interest among students.