Indian Cyber Army | Proud to be in Service of Nation

Indian Cyber Army is an initiative of Technocrats, Cyber Security Experts and Cyber Crime Investigators, founded in April, 2011 with a mission to fight against Cyber Crime and with sole aim is to research, analyze, train and develop technology. Indian Cyber Army, the largest team of Ethical Hacker, Security Experts, and Programmers from across the globe involved into creating awareness in the field of cyber security and to reduce the increasing Cyber Crimes.

Apart from creating awareness, we do researches in the field of IT security & ethical hacking, discovering vulnerabilities/loopholes in websites, networks, developing exploits and providing the advisories to overcome the exploit or loopholes.

The team had been constantly trying to solve the social cyber crime problem by creating awareness in the field of Cyber/ Digital Information Security to protect kids, students, youths, individuals, and organizations etc. from the unseen criminals of the wired and wireless world.

We see everyday Indian sites attacked, servers compromised, and vital information passed into the wrongs hands only because of a small human error. Let it be a common man or a big government organization the value of information is priceless, and for securing this information, we cannot just be relaxed by putting prevention mechanisms and thinking that the information is secured and these strong walls of defense are not easily affordable for everybody.

We are commercial and community oriented (non-commercial) at the same time. This means that we may disseminate our research under Creative Commons (or free to use) if we believe it will be of benefit to the community. However, we will copyright and expect fees to be paid if and when we publish commercial papers.

Protecting the National Information Heritage, Financial freedom, privacy of the individuals and the intellectual property from the global menace of unseen cyber criminals is a social necessity. We strengthen the hands of people by strengthening the power that runs the world in this age of the internet.