An Autonomous Body Registered Under The Indian Trusts Act. 1882

Indian Cyber Army founded with a Vision of Secured Digital India

Ever since crime established a new dimension, it became necessary for the security forces to pull up their socks and get it countered. In India, there are not a lot of resources available indian cyber agencyfor countering cyber crimes. Thus, to serve as a resource centre for fighting cyber crimes and other intelligence threats, the Indian Cyber Army has been initiated. We also aim to serve as a platform for exchanging information on current cybercrime trends, offer training & demonstrations, share case studies and receive updates from experts working in the field.

In our country, ethical hacking was always considered to be a supplementary skill for a developer. Ethical hackers didn’t receive the priority and importance that they fittingly deserve. The need of shedding light on ethical hacking in its true sense is the need of the hour.

The Indian Cyber Army aims to represent the ethical hacking community on the professional front and act as the link between ethical hackers and Government Agencies. From voicing the opinions of ethical hacker’s community to looking after their well being, the Indian Cyber Army does it all. The Indian Cyber Army makes sure that the ethical hacking community remains satisfied with the returns they receive for their skills and hard work.

Indian Cyber Army is a one of its kind cyber security and e-surveillance agency in India. What makes ICA distinctive is the fact that it does everything a cyber security agency does in the best possible manner. The operation of ICA covers up almost every aspect that a cyber security agency is expected to cover. From screening communication metadata to co-ordinating the intelligence gathering activities of other agencies, the ICA intends to get everything done the better way. An authorised cyber security is always doubted to breach the code of conduct and mishandle the personal data of citizens available at their exposure. However, ICA elects members who make sure that the civil-liberty of every citizen remains intact.

Indian Cyber Army follows a systematic approach towards attaining its goals. The system is sectionalised to ensure a better and efficient working. A cyber crime prevention strategy, cyber crime investigation training, suggestions on laws & policies are some of the major components of ICA. Misuse of social media platforms has threatened the cyber world most. Thus, intelligence agencies from India and U.S have come together to eliminate the risk involved in social media platforms.

Indian Cyber Army is not a commercial network meaning business all the time. ICA is a commercial as well as community oriented (non-commercial) platform. We don’t just serve for the sake of some good old business. We strive to make the most of ethical hacking sources available in the current scenario. Being non-commercial implies that we can diversify our research under Creative Commons (or free to use) if we believe that doing so would help the hacking community at large. However, copyright will remain under our control and a fee is also expected to be paid while we publish commercial papers for the concerned purpose.