Organization Chart

The roots of Indian Cyber Army lie in the Cyber Secured & Cyber Crime Free India and experience of more than a 10+ Years of grass root level work by the Founders of Indian Cyber Army. The Indian Cyber Army, though constituted as an independent entity, is organizationally continuous and integral to the vision of the Organization.

• Provide a single point of contact for reporting local problems.
• Assist the organizational constituency and general computing community in preventing and handling computer security incidents.
• Share information and lessons learned with response teams, organizations and sites.
• Provide a 24 x 7 security service & Incident Response.
• Offer recovery procedures, Artifact analysis & Incident tracing

• Issue security guidelines, advisories and timely advice.
• Vulnerability analysis and response
• Risk Analysis
• Security Product evaluation
• Collaboration with vendors
• National Repository of, and a referral agency for, cyber-intrusions.
• Profiling attackers.
• Conduct training, research and development.
• Interact with vendors and others at large to investigate and provide solutions for incidents.


• Central point for reporting incidents
• Database of incidents

• Analysis of trends and patterns of intruder activity
• Develop preventive strategies for the whole constituency
• In-depth look at an incident report or an incident activity to determine the scope, priority and threat of the incident.

• Incident response is a process devoted to restoring affected systems to operation
• Send out recommendations for recovery from, and containment of damage caused by the incidents.
• Help the System Administrators take follow up action to prevent recurrence of similar incidents