The Process

Step 1: You decide to Start a New Chapter of Indian Cyber Army and contact us with a membership request.
Step 2: We meet with you to agree your level of leadership and discuss how we can best support the work of your organisation.
Step 3: A purchase order is raised and invoice sent appropriate to your level of membership and method of payment.
Step 4: You receive a letter of welcome from the Chair and Chief Executive on behalf of the ICA. This outlines the terms we have agreed for our working together and is signed off at this point by both parties.
Step 5: Upon receipt of payment you will be supplied with ICA logos to add to your digital assets folio.


Your are now a chapter leader of the Indian Cyber Army (ICA)

A global email is sent out to ICA members, associates, LEA & Government officials. We now work with you to ensure your company is represented on our website and fully incorporated.