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Aims & Objectives

The Prime Objective of the Indian Cyber Army is to establish a Professional Platform of understanding and thereby carrying out development of cyber defense skills which in-turn will protect citizens, businesses, critical infrastructures of the state, and e-governance by establishing a collaborative platform for cyber security to provide a secure cyber space to the society. The focus areas as follows:

  • To Act As A Resource Centers For Law And Enforcement Authorities In Investigating Cyber Crime Cases.
  • To enable effective prevention, investigation and prosecution of cybercrime and enhancement of law enforcement capabilities through appropriate legislative intervention.
  • Training of law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, judiciary in cyber crime investigation tools and techniques and cyber forensics for their respective roles in dealing with cyber crimes/cyber threat incidents.
  • Training of Banking & financial Institutions and Education segment on cyber security to prevent security breaches.
  • To put forward recommendations to the Government and Industry for Cyber security policies and implementations.
  • To engage with governments, regulators, industry associations and think tanks on policy matters through Public Advocacy.
  • To Assist Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Corporate including the Society in capacity building through education along with prevention, detection, advisory and solutions of cyber crimes & attacks.
  • To conduct Seminars, Conferences, Symposium, Conventions, Trade fairs, Lectures and awareness campaigns that are specially structured and tailor made for the different target segments.
  • To provide legal and/or social economic help and assistance to the needy people.
  • To bring out quality publications and books on Information Security and any other topic for all levels of readership.

Last but not least, The Indian Cyber Army shall focus on capacity building, detection, prevention and solutions of cyber crimes & attacks alongwith Working towards an effective and unified legal, regulatory and institutional framework for the prohibition, detection, prevention of cybercrimes, awareness, educational, social, relief and the advancement of cyber security, cyber crime and threats.