Mission & Vision

“Computer crimes have become a dangerous problem over the past few years that governments and private Organizations worldwide have begun to crack down on one of the most common types of computer crime known as hacking.

In today’s networked world, India is having the fastest growing cyber society in the world. Most of the organizations and enterprises depend on different kinds of Information Technology solutions, say e-commerce, e-governance, e-learning, e-banking etc..

All communications must be secured and under control since the information stored and conveyed is ultimately an invaluable resource of the business. Securing vital resources and information in the network is the most challenging feat for system enterprise.

Information Security needs have to be addressed at all levels, from the individual user to an organization and beyond that to the government and the nation. Information Security is becoming synonymous with National Security as Computer Networking, which is vulnerable to Cyber attack and forms the backbone of critical infrastructure of the country’s banking, power, communication network, etc…

Furthermore, owing to the massive Internet boom, a lot of home users with little or no prior knowledge of the threats and their countermeasures are exposed to the Internet. This, the attackers, can exploit to expand their base of malicious activity and use innocent people for their schemes.

Information security is need of hour and important for the users because they have to protect themselves against identity theft. Organizations including government also need this security to protect their trade secrets, financial information, and some sensitive or critical data.

Consequently, we aim to spread the education to school children, teachers, parents and senior citizens and equip them with the knowledge needed to mitigate the threat. Looking at the growing importance of the Information Security, our activities under this programme is to widely generate information security awareness to children, home users and non-IT professionals in a planned manner.