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Ethical Hacking Course & Certification

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a qualification that authorizes an individual to legally hack into a target system to check its vulnerability. The course aims to transform the aspiring Ethical Hackers into skilled professionals who can look up for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a target system and use that knowledge to protect them. The ethical hacking course or training helps you get acquainted with the different hacking methodologies and use it in a penetration testing or a system security testing.

CEH Certification Course Objectives

Cyber Army aims to reconstruct the image of Ethical Hacking as a profession by providing the best training for beginners. It has been designed to set up a minimum threshold of skill sets required by an ethical hacker. An individual clearing this certification course can be entrusted by people with the security of their systems. Its main objective is thus to inform the general public that certified ethical hackers are individuals with skills above the minimum standards required.

Major Benefits of the Ethical Hacking Course

  • The CEH course provides crystal clear knowledge about handling information security.
  • It helps the individual understand various cyber security threats such as IDS, Trojan, Countermeasures, Backdoors, Firewalls, Honeypots, and Wireless Hacking in a much more precise way.
  • It makes the individual acquainted with all the ethical hacking basic and advanced hacking concepts including hacking mobile devices, writing Virus Codes, and Corporate Espionage.
  • From Apache Web Servers to Oracle Database, the course covers up every single concept available for an individual.
  • It covers all development platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. It has an Advanced Log Management for Information Assurance too.

Career Benefits

  • CEH credentials qualify you to apply for security manager’s post, intrusion analyst’s post, and a forensic analyst post.
  • Cybersecurity and ethical hacking training prepare an individual to apply for any of the Computer Network Defence (CND) posts.
  • According to, average CEH salaries are at least 44% higher than that of an IT Security Expert.
  • Internet security and digital networking are the two fastest-growing domains which have to increase the need for ethical hacker in India.

Tools Covered in hacking course syllabus

Individuals enrolling for the Certification in Ethical Hacking course will be covering a long list of modern tools necessary to master the art of system security. They’ll be given hands-on training of all the premium tools listed below. The course will be covering up Network Security Tools such as the Back Trap and the NMAP Project.

  • Password cracking tools like the Aircracking and John The Ripper will also be covered.
  • Penetration testing will be taught on Metasploit, by far the best available tool in the market.
  • The course will also cover up Sniffing Tools like BetterCap and Wireshark.
  • SQLMap and SQLNinja will be the tools used to help the individual master SQL Injection.
  • Other web security tools such as the OWASP and W3AF will also be covered to ensure complete polishing of the hacker’s skill set.

Services Offered During the Ethical Hacker Training Period

At ICA, we’ll be providing you with the best in country faculty teaching you through the selected set of premium hacking tools. We provide a balanced theoretical and practical training that transforms a hacking novice into a hacking professional. Get training on a number of hacking aspects including Footprinting, Scanning, and Enumeration, Hacking Web servers and Web applications, DoS, SQL injection, Buffer overflow attacks, Cryptography, Wireless hacking, Linux Hacking, and Countermeasures. After the completion of CEH training, a high-end placement assistance is provided to ensure the highest package for the trained individual.

CEH Course Fee and Duration

In accordance with the time slot of different individuals, ICA offers three different training programmes.

  • The first programme is the Regular Track programme that has a total duration of 45-60 days with a training of 2 hours per day in a live classroom.
  • The second one is the Weekend Programme that spans 8 weekends with live classrooms of 3 hours a day for two days every week.
  • The third programme is the Fast Track programme that has a span of just 5 days with a live classroom session of over 6 hours every day.

Timings can be scheduled as convenient for the students. The fees applicable for all the three courses mentioned above is Rs. 35,999 inclusive of exam fees.

Course Content and Syllabus

At ICA, the Ethical Hacking training will cover up the entire standard syllabus for CEH Certification along with a few additional hacking skills that will come in handy in the long run. A list of all the Chapters and Modules that will be covered in the Ethical Hacking Training at ICA is given below.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose ICA for Ethical Hacking Training

  • At ICA, we provide you with the best-in-town faculty that helps you shape your hacking skills in a better way.
  • We offer flexible course scheduling that ensures you don’t lose out on anything else.
  • Our training is designed to prepare the individual for the global IT market.
  • Students will be provided with a 24×7 lab access that will help them practice their skills for as long as they wish to.
  • A professional team of experts will be ready to mentor you all throughout the training.
  • The best placement options will be brought up to you by ICA well before the completion of your entire training.
  • The team of mentors will help you nurture your project ideas and guide you in every way possible.
  • Smart Labs and Smart Classrooms fully equipped with digital pads, super fast Wi-Fi, projectors, etc.
  • We promote group discussion and self-study and thus provide all the students with a separate space.
  • We help you improve your personality with separate personality development seminars and also help you boost your personal presentation skills.
  • Providing all the study material in both digital and paperback formats.
  • Individual attention to every student and the ease of revising the class again and again for n number of times.

Trainer’s Profile for Ethical Hacking Training

Indian Cyber Army itself is an organization that looks after the system security across different platforms. Trainers at ICA are thus thoroughly accomplished with the subject knowledge and are entirely up-to-date when it comes to the changing technologies and tools. We have reached various milestones. Our trainers have worked with the various government organizations and have provided cybersecurity training to police forces all across the country. Cyber army trainers are well-experienced and have a healthy relationship with the HRs of many MNCs.

Placement Assistance after Ethical Hacking Training

At Cyber Army, we will develop your interview cracking skills, communication skills, and other skills required to grab the top opportunities. We will help you in resume building as per the current industry standards. At ICA, a separate placement wing is designated to ensure your hacking skills don’t go wasted and you find the best package for your skill set.

Contact Details

For any assistance on the course details, you can reach out to us via our cyber security helpline number or email address given below. Helpline Numbers: Office: 076-43012345, 076-44012345 WhatsApp: +91-99 686 00000 Office Address: F-58, Sector-11, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301, India. E-Mail:

Why are we the Best?

Cyber Army aims at building a credible workforce for the nation. We, at the ICA, entirely dedicate ourselves to bringing out the best in individuals and transform them into professionals that can make the nation proud. Through Ethical Hacking Training, ICA aims to bring out the super talented cyber experts and give them the status of a professional that they so fittingly deserve. Without much ado, it is time for you see your dream of becoming a hacker transform into reality. Enroll Now!