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Payment Cards Under Threat of Cloning

Noida, an IT center of Delhi-NCR, is ending up vulnerable target of cyber criminals as a few cases relating to ATM cloning done by the process of  skimming, online extortion and mobile banking scam have been accounted for in the current past.

More than 250 cases of cyber fraud were enlisted under IT Act so far which is very higher than different urban communities. This month alone around 20 instances of ATM cloning have been surfaced which have raised finger over the security measures embraced by the district police to limit such cases. However, 45 cases were enrolled in Gurgaon this year.

Skimming, Indian Cyber Army, ATM Cloning, payment cards, pioneerThe criminals, in complicity with the bank authorities and security guards, deployed at ATM kiosks, are accessing details of ATM cards and are conducting the crime easily. They are getting to data through physical assess of cards at petrol pumps, malls and shopping.

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Cyber thugs clone the Credit card/Debit cards/Payment cards in exceptionally smart way. For this they utilize card skimming machine. When you swipe your card in the skimmer machine, all points of interest of your card are duplicated. The criminals at that point utilize the cloned cards to withdraw cash in your ledger from remote zones. The criminals also prefer to withdraw the money on Saturday so the victim couldn’t approach the account holding bank for closing the account. In a couple of cases, the culprits have utilized more than 10 cloned ATM cards of one account at various areas to extract the cash from ATM machine.

Mr. Kislay Chaudhary, Chairman of Indian Cyber Army, said that the cases of cyber crime are increasing rapidly in the region because of unskilled police cops who are handling the cyber cell these days.

This apart, nexus between security guards and cyber criminals is also a reason for increasing cases of ATM fraud. “The guards allow them to install skkimer, a device which access details of ATM cards used at the machine, for consideration which helps them in making duplicate cards. The criminals are also getting information with the help of cloner, a device similar to swiping machine, these days,” said Mr. Kislay Chaudhary.

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