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Kislay Chaudhary in Talk with Amar Ujala On Mobile Theft/Lost Phone Complaint

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Individual contacts, photographs, recordings, applications, messages, instant messages – Smartphone’s today contain a plenty of personal data, and the possibility of losing or having a Smartphone stolen is to a great degree troubling to numerous individuals. Our security research team recently conducted a survey of 167,904 users across India and found that consumers in India are among those most likely to lost phone or have their phone stolen.

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However, in spite of the way that 1/2 of us would preferably lose our wallet than our cell phone, just 4% of us have found a way to ensure our cell phone with security.

For the greater part of us, our first response when we lose our wallet is to cross out credit/ debit cards, get a new license, and so on. We consider the agony and cost of supplanting the gadget when we lost phone. In any case, that is only a hint of a greater challenge.

We don’t understand that our photographs, emails, instant messages and our applications can be an open entryway for hoodlums into our own data, security and financial accounts.

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Furthermore, an opportunity to supplant your Smartphone and its substance can expend as much as 18 hrs of your life.
Mobile phones are progressing, which means they would more be able to effectively be lost or stolen and their screens and consoles are easier targets for “over the shoulder” perusing.

Cyber Expert Mr. Kislay Chaudhary in talk with “Amar Ujala” said “In case of your mobile phone been stolen immediately apply to block your SIM card and report to police station to prevent further loses and avoid to set your personal photo as the wallpaper”.

Take time to protect your mobile device. Here are some prescribed tips to keep your mobile phone safe:

  • Never leave your phone unattended in a public environment.
  • Put a passcode on your mobile phone and set it to auto-lock after a specific timeframe.
  • If you utilize online banking and shopping portals, always log out and don’t select the “remember me” function.
  • Use device protection that provides anti-theft which can backup and restore the information on your phone, and remotely locate it and wipe information on account of misfortune or robbery, and in addition antivirus and web and application protection.

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