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Kislay Chaudhary with Haiyya on Online trolls

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Whenever there’s a chance to comment, whether or not through social media websites, comment sections on blogs or web content, or the client feedback parts of a web site, some folks opt to write awful things for the world to visualize. These folks have a name: online trolls .

By definition, online trolls post offensive, divisive, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate comments on your on-line comment section. This doesn’t necessarily embrace a straightforward unhealthy review. However a troll will repeatedly post insulting or damaging info that goes on the far side merely expressing an opinion or narrating an experience.

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Against this ongoing troll, an organization named as Haiyya conducted a conference “ Action Adda: end to trolling”, which was followed by the expert panel of Indian Cyber Army constituting Mr. Kislay Chaudhary & Mis. Sakshi Saxena. Haiyya was founded in 2013 by a group of young and dynamic women who came along and believed in building progressive and democratic power through community organizing framework.

Mr. Kislay Chaudhary being the speaker provided some guidelines based on psychological analysis on how we can manage it:

  • If trolls are rewarded by creating social mayhem, then it is best to not feed the trolls. Attempt not to reinforce their behavior by reacting. If the troll knows they have succeeded in disrupting the social surroundings in some way, this may reinforce their behavior
  • Psychopathy is mostly related to a scarcity of a concern of punishment. So, grueling the trolling behaviour may additionally prove ineffective
  • Reward sensible behaviour. By gratifying the nice behaviour, we will see more of it.

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We’ve probably all heard the old chestnut, “There’s no such thing as unhealthy publicity” before, and it can actually be applied to online troll, too. There may be a consolation to even the foremost vile of comments left on your website. It depends on however you’re planning to use that to your advantage?