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Indian Cyber Army In Talk With News Line on Cyber Space War

Is This Beginning of  “War in Cyber Space” ?

we are not nearly as worried as we should be about Internet-borne mayhem in our increasingly interconnected world. The Internet, a fabulous artifice of human civilization largely perceived today as a domain for advancing freedoms and prosperity could become instead a dark web of subjugation. Thereby we foresees a not too distant future in which cyberspace is primarily a domain of conflict, threatening the overall stability and security not only of the Internet but also of our very societies.

The cyber attacks in May and June that shut down hospitals in Britain and the United States, ATMs in Ukraine, Railways in Germany, and tens of thousands of other targets around the globe were vivid illustrations of a concern. On October 6, Pakistani Hackers attacked the Indian Cyber space by vandalizing Parbhani District Police website and the Bihar State Electronics Development Commission website. A Pakistani hacker who goes by cyber name Faisal 1337 claimed to have hacked both the sites and took mirrors of defaced site were mostly SMEs; however, all of those sites were recovered within few hours after they were compromised.The message from Pakistani hackers was loud and clear:” Tum Ne sirf socha tha aur hum Ne kar ke dikhaya.”

One click of a hacker can easily undo years of handwork of any organisation, without the need to cross the border. Stealing confidential information, intellectual property and financial data is extremely harmful and paralyses the country’s economy.

The point to ponder upon is: What if the Indian government supports these patriotic cyber security personnel to provide Information security awareness to contribute to protect the national cyber infrastructure without any monetary benefit?

Kislay Chaudhary, Founder& Chairman of Indian Cyber Army being featured in the News line stated-

“Pakistani techies targeted Indian sites. Such fights are common but now the intensity has increased”.

He has initiated in making himself as well as his organization available to such victims through Cyber Crime Helpline Number :- 9968600000.

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