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Indian Cyber Army In India Today – On Exposed Nasty Truth About ISIS Supporters

 India Today, Indian cyber armyFeebleness to influence the local government and the security offices to follow up on the delicate data identified with the ISIS sympathizers in India, a cluster of Indian programmers have now dumped the information of dread supporters on an open discussion in the web. Allegedly a gathering of Kerala-based moral programmers – “Mallu Cyber Soldiers” – will discharge a database of dread supporters, who are abusing the online networking to spill venom in the brains of youth in J&K. They uncovered that supporters are restricting in educators and ministers to target youthful understudy of Kashmir. The examination conveyed by the programmers likewise indicates budgetary exchanges into adolescents’ records, who are utilized as bearers for aggressors.

After a broadened activity of more than 10 months, these programmers have gotten to the private data of the apparent ISIS sympathizers that incorporates the photograph, name, email ID, demonstrate, IMEI number, SIM number, portable system code and MAC address. Sources near Mallu Cyber Soldiers guaranteed that they nectar caught the ISIS sympathizers who are persuading the young for a war. More than 50 Indian programmers were engaged with the broad activity to get an entrance to their scrambled talk through social building.

“Hackers pretended as vulnerable group of people so that the ISIS sympathizers target them. When they crossed the stage one, all of them reached a closed group where discussions were carried out in an organized manner. Further, when they are spotted as the most-active members, they entered into the private chat window and at last when the stage of payment dealing arrived, the hackers managed received a call from the sympathizers. This is where the location and the other confidential details were retrieved from,” the source explained India Today.

Kislay Chaudhary, chairman of Indian Cyber Army, said

“Despite having concrete information about the ISIS sympathizers or other terror supporters, the government or the intelligence agencies do not pay a heed to it. Instead of conducting a primary investigation, the motive and patriotism of the hackers are questioned.

Several other hackers, who are intellect enough to honey trap the terror supporters feel handicapped even after accessing confidential information that could work as anti-terror measure. As a result, few groups have started sharing these details on the social media to get noticed in a hope that this step would urge the agencies to at least consider the information as an input.

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“It is after several layers of filter and verification that we are making details of these people public and we take responsibility for it. Our motive is to expose villains of the Valley. If security agencies want, they can use our investigation and we will give all assistance,” the hacker told over the encrypted call. They revealed that supporters are roping in teachers and preachers to target young pupil of Kashmir.

The investigation carried by the hackers also shows financial transactions into teenagers’ accounts, who are used as carriers for militants.

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