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On Delhi University Website Hack | Indian Cyber Army To India Today

NEW DELHI: Delhi University’s Law Faculty site was hacked on Friday purportedly by Bangladeshi hackers. The faculty’s Law Center-II site was out of reach when understudies endeavored to sign in and was out of administration until evening. The message left by “cyber terminator army” unequivocally cautions the administrator of unguarded site of law workforce center. “Hey admin, your system is not secure. If you do not patch, we will again arrive. We are Bangladeshi,” the message read.

The hacking seems to have been completed from Bangladesh, as asserted by the hackers. While the hacking does not present a genuine risk to DU, the site stayed under hacker’s control until Friday evening. In this context Kislay Chaudhary, Chairman of Indian Cyber Army said to “India today”:

“Hacking is primarily done to send out a message by hackers as we have seen in the past when cyber hackers from Pakistan hacked our country’s government website to leave messages about Kashmir. This time, however, no threat has been issued against our country. It could be viewed as a warning to the admin.”

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Here the question arises what do these hackers want from them?

Here are 6 possible reasons  behind hacking attempts:

Server Disruption

Server disruption assaults generally have their very own thought process. These kinds of assaults have one objective as a primary concern, which is to close down or render the university’s website futile. A standout amongst the most well known types of server interruption assaults are Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS.

Monetary Loss

This sort of inspiration for hackers is the thing that everybody is most dreadful about. Internet keeping money has been a disclosure for a few; in any case, the advantages unquestionably have its disadvantages. Online banking has paved the way for cyber thieves to digitally steal from you by placing banking Trojans or malicious line of codes specifically designed to steal money from the university’s portal.

Information Leakage

Information Leakage, as the name recommends, includes hackers getting to the sites data for different reasons. They could be endeavoring to expect the individual character by taking website’s Social Security Number or they could be attempting to uncover the site and its significant database.

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