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Beware of Hoax calls about Bomb threats says Indian Cyber Army to India Today

The hoax calls disturbed flight activities and prompted lockdown of schools in the national capital, tossing security authorities into a hissy fit. There is a board of trustees which surveys scam calls and keeps tab on report of each.

Mr. Kislay Chaudhary, Cyber Security advisor to security agencies and founder and Chairman of Indian Cyber Army, said, “All VoIP calls, like ISD calls, are directed through the VSNL server. The protocol demands marking the call and requesting for the source, following which the IP address (if computer generated) or mobile number (for app-based calls) can be obtained.”
“If the caller is from a foreign country, then legal restrictions are there. But if anyone says that the calls can’t be traced, it is lack of will,” Mr. Kislay Chaudhary added.

Beaware of Hoax calls about Bomb threats says, Indian Cyber Army , India Today

While researching it was discovered that the hoax calls were executed through portable numbers, while the ones which couldn’t be followed were executed through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) administrations.

A few senior Police authorities asserted that VoIP calls can’t be followed in light of the fact that the providers of the service are mostly based in foreign countries and it requires long time to get subtle elements asked for.

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And furthermore the numbers that blaze in a significant number of the cases end up being remote numbers, regarding which making a move is muddled regardless.

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has been looking for stricter discipline, similar to life detainment, for such guests under Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against Safety of Civil Aviation Act.Under this law, life detainment can be granted for imparting,

“Such data which he knows to be false to jeopardize the security of an air ship in flight” and for upsetting “any administration at the airplane terminal, imperiling or debilitating to imperil wellbeing at that air terminal”.

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