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Ban on Bitcoin (crypto currencies)

Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) deadline given to banks to snap the ties with entities that cope with crypto currencies finally ends. Ever since the ban was obligatory, there was sentiment that the crypto currency market can survive the RBI ban.

crypto currencies

If you read the RBI circular, they have never used the words “ban” pertaining to bitcoins. it has solely prevented any organisation regulated by the central bank to cope with businesses that have something to do with crypto currencies. Moreover, this means banks will ought to stop transactions to and from Indian rupee on crypto exchanges. This news spread like a wild fire and was perceived as a “ban on bitcoin” which isn’t true.

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Apart from this, the RBI has issued many warnings regarding scams and risks involving crypto currencies. It had additionally aforementioned there would be a suppression on the unlawful use of such cryptos.

Ahead of the suppression, some exchanges, such as International Digital Asset Platform (IDAP) and Buyn U Coin, have even planned to shift the base abroad during a bid to evade the regulatory suppression.

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Crypto currencies won’t flip contraband in Republic of India as expected, since the RBI central bank had declared in Apr 1st week that the govt. is working on its own crypto coin.

Mr. Kislay Chaudhary, Chairman Indian Cyber Army, says, “I suppose the govt. ought to contemplate that such a move can stifle the spirit of entrepreneurship that has developed within the wake of block chains and crypto currencies. RBI’s move is meant to safeguard the general public however I don’t assume treating crypto currencies as inherently dangerous is the right leap forward. Since technology may be used sagely or misused; the govt. has to consult with those concerned in block chain and crypto currency and along formulate rules in order that advantages for both the general public and also the startups participating in this new technology are maximised whereas ill effects are eliminated.”