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Aadhaar/Voter Card Being Sold For Mere 50p

The whole Aadhaar dispute not yet been resolved and voter id’s are now also at stake.

The report said that incorporated national IDs might be an answer for online cheats, yet not really the most secure one. It has been dissected how different nations attempt to handle online frauds with the assistance of a brought together national IDs extending from bio metric-enabled national ID to APIs for organizations to interface with.

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While numerous in India are worried about the security and well being issues by linking each other detail with Aadhaar, On account of the poor security arrangement of keeping up classified database of the residents, after Aadhaar information spill it now shows up your voter ID details can be wrongfully accessed  to and sold for 50 paise to Rs 2.50.

By utilizing certain commands on the PC, all the classified information, for example, the mobile number, email ID, the reports or financial balances connected to the Voter ID cards, can be effortlessly gotten to by the hackers. MAIL TODAY has learnt that hackers have been offering this information in the black market.

The demand of the database of identity proofs such as voter ID card and Aadhaar card has increased in the recent times. The interconnection of all documents with financial accounts has made this data vulnerable. Once the hackers access this data, they sell it to the cyber criminals or someone who wants it, said Mr. Kislay Chaudhary,Chairman of Indian Cyber Army along with an Investigation Adviser to Cyber Crime Investigation Unit of Delhi Police.

Application Program Interface (API) utilized by the government to ensure classified database, isn’t secured and can be effortlessly hacked. the simple accessibility of information encourages cyber crime and financial fraud.

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Once the voter ID information is gotten to, the individual can easily access the various archives connected to it  and furthermore the bank details and other budgetary exchanges that are connected with it.

Financial fraud is just a call away as the caller has all your details and you have no choice yet to confide in the caller.

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