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No to complete access of Aadhaar

The access of Aadhaar information to police with the end goal of Investigation is fundamental on the grounds that 80% to 85% of the culprits consistently are first-time offenders without any records [of them available] with the police. The database of Aadhaar comprises of the biometric data incorporating fingerprints alongside the 12-digit interesting character number that the Indian state needs every citizen to have.

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At present, fingerprint experts could visit just around 55,000 crime scenes, which is only 1% of the about 50 lakh cases documented yearly, and horribly lacking. This is because; many States neither have adequate fingerprint cadre strength nor proper equipment and labs.

For an Aadhaar client, UIDAI gives a system to bolt the biometric data and prevent any misuse. Biometric data alludes to the iris, fingerprints and facial photograph of which the fingerprint and iris data is to be used for authentication. Furthermore, Aadhaar stores the statistic data, for example, name, address, date of birth/age, sex, mobile number, email address.

Police forces crosswise over India have been proposing to utilize Aadhaar for what are known as “shrewd and prescient policing”. The Telangana police went further than earlier this year, launching a project to geo-tag repeat offenders. According to reports, they went door to door with a list of “known criminals” and recorded their biometric and demographic details, thereby creating an Aadhaar-like database of their own. The exercise drew flak from activists and security experts, who raised concerns about privacy and surveillance.

The applicability of Aadhaar is fast becoming mandatory across the board. There are numerous who are frightful about the likelihood of misuse of information linked and stored in connection with Aadhaar. Along these lines it was promptly restricted by cyber expert Mr. Kislay Chaudhary, cyber security expert Mr. Kislay Chaudhary, Founder & Chairman Indian Cyber Army & cyber security consultant to several government agencies on the grounds that it would endanger privacy and data protection.

“Partial access to Aadhaar database is less demanding said than done,” said Kislay Chaudhary “In fact, it could be a major test, almost unfeasible in terms of what details connected with Aadhaar to give access to. Presently, Aadhaar is linked with not just government schemes but also bank accounts and phone numbers. And different cases may demand different details.”

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