Kislay Chaudhary has been invited by CNBC News

Kislay Chaudhary was Invited by CNBC-TV18 for a discussion on Agenda “India’s Quest for Inclusive Growth“.

The Details of Discussion Agenda Follows:

The time is just right for companies to pursue aggressively the agenda of inclusive growth. Once the province of corporate social responsibility, the effort to bring India’s geographically remote and low-income groups into the mainstream of economic life now has the potential to become the most valuable business opportunity of the next decade.

The aspiring large poor and geographically remote populations are showing growing interest in adopting technology and are willing to pay for products and services satisfying their wants in a sustained manner. But while service companies are increasingly signing up, many large manufacturers are not committing themselves. Almost unanimously, they say that inclusive business models will be important for future success. But widespread concerns about investment costs and commercial viability are keeping a large majority of them on the sidelines and jeopardizing their place in the Indian economy’s next spurt of growth.

Accenture in partnership with AIMA has published a special report “India’s Quest for Inclusive Growth: Achieving High Performance through Inclusive Business Models”, that explains how these concerns can be overcome. A three-step framework offers guidance for developing the market focus, business model, culture and capabilities that are needed to succeed with inclusive growth – while remaining competitive for the future. And it is with against the backdrop of this report that we at CNBC TV18 in partnership with Accenture are organizing an authoritative panel on “India’s Quest for Inclusive Growth”.

May we request you block your calendars during the following date and time, so you can join us at this special evening. The details are as follows:

Date:                Friday, 04 & 11th February 2011

Time:               5:00 p.m.  Please join us for cocktails and dinner

Venue:             Jade, Ground floor, The Grand, New Delhi