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Cyber Crime Investigation Training At CDTI, Ghaziabad

Cyber Crime Investigation, CDTI, Indian Cyber Army,Central Detective Training Institute,Sakshi SaxenaThe Central Detective Training Institute (CDTI), Ghaziabad invited Miss. Sakshi Saxena, Director Indian Cyber Army (ICA) to deliver lecture in five days course on “Cyber Crime Investigation for Police Officers” w.e.f. 04.06.2018 to 08.06.2018.

This Five days course being organized by CDTI was meant for Police Officials from the rank of Sub-inspectors to Superintendent of Police to upgrade their investigative aptitudes on cyber security. Among the 57 police officials 3 of them were Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), 7 of them were inspector and rest 47 of them were Sub Inspector (SI) from different states of the country.

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CDTI is currently a ‘centre of excellence’ and will lead specialized counter terrorism and insurgency courses for police officials. The institute in Ghaziabad was established in 2012 and was started by the Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR&D). The purpose of imparting the aforesaid training is to prepare investigators for acquiring latest knowledge and awareness of scientific techniques of investigation and latest developments in the Forensic fields. It is the constant Endeavour of CDTI and its parent department, i.e., BRP&D is continuously improve upon the course contents and make the training course interesting and trainee friendly.

Miss. Sakshi Saxena during Cybercrime Investigation training covered the following:

  • Scene of Crime Management: Simulation Exercises
  • DVR Systems
  • Scene of Crime Management: Group Exercises
  • Server Systems

Simulation & Evaluation Exercises

During the Training, investigation illustrations in a simulated environment was provided along with the examination of their acquisition and understanding of the knowledge, concepts and skills imparted during the course was also taken.