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Indian Cyber Army is more than simply a group of Ethical Hackers and professionals working in Information Security and Ethical Hacking to help Nation in combat cyber crimes & attacks. It is a resource center for National Police Agencies, Intelligence Agencies, Research Centers, Industry Experts, Government Agencies, Academic Leaders along with Individuals, who together create a powerful network where you’ll find the resources & assistance in cyber threats. They share your dedication to the field, as well as the opportunities and challenges you face.

Indian Cyber Army membership gives you access to programs, events, and publications designed to support your personal development. It’s the tools and support you need to grow, and the connections to support you along the way.

Indian Cyber Army is working closely with Government/Industry on Cyber Security Policy issues, interfacing with thought leaders, and enhancing the cyber safety and security to protect organization’s critical infrastructure.

Indian Cyber Army Membership is open to any Individual, Ethical Hackers, Research Centers, Organizations or Educational Institutions in India.