An Autonomous Body Registered Under The Indian Trusts Act. 1882
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Membership Levels

There are various methods by which the empanelment in Indian Cyber Army can be earned.

ASSOCIATE: An online theory exam of 150 Minutes for the specific domain that requires minimum 225 out of 300 credits for successfully clearing the assessment. When you apply for Associate Exams, you are automatically enrolled in Clean Exit code of ethics. This examination is free for all Indian Cyber Army members.
NOTE: Theory Exam Required.

PROFESSIONAL: The internship program is usually approved only if you have a development / programming background. Work on part-time basis for 3 months and earn 100% scholarship towards Indian Cyber Army Professional exams. Internship opportunities are subject to availability and approval of profile.
NOTE: Lab Exam Required.

SPECIALIST (For candidates at Professional Level): After clearing the professional level in Indian Cyber Army, you can learn any of the given approved foreign languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Russian and submit the certificate / competency details for verification to earn the specialist level.
NOTE: Professional Level Empanelment Required.

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