Membership Chart

Please go through the Comparison Chart of All Levels of Membership

Recognition of your skills from Indian Cyber ArmyYesYesYes
Access to Job Reference NetworkYesYesYes
Profile shared with supported Local Law Enforcement AgenciesLimitedYesYes
Profile shared with supported Local, State and National Law Enforcement AgenciesYesYes
Participate in exclusive projects by various Government of India organizationsYesYes
Invitation for participation in sensitive programs, training and researchYesYes
Clean Exit Code of Ethics Certificate*YesYes
Exclusive discounts for all Indian Cyber Army supported Events20%20%30%
Financial support for security related ResearchUp to 3 LacsUp to 5 Lacs
Priority reference for top Industry jobsYesYes
Invitation to member-only networking eventsYesYes
Lifelong email ID aliasYesYesYes

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