An Autonomous Body Registered Under The Indian Trusts Act. 1882

Zonal Commands

The Geographical Areas of conduct of operations of the Indian Cyber Army shall be grouped into Zones which is operational in 5 Zonal Commands. Each command is headed by Zonal Director, Who will be directly affiliated to the Indian Cyber Army HQ. The Zonal Director appointed by the HQ who will be in-charge of the surrounding zone, thereby with the 5 zones there will be 5 Zonal Directors. Zonal Commands are created to facilitate discussion of mutual interest in local problems, projects and accomplishments. Generally, Commands/chapters provide a platform for interaction among professionals within restricted areas, such as individual states, provinces, nearby states or areas united by common interest. Chapter boundaries do not cross parent Society guidelines. Chapters serve as line of communication from the local level to the national level can increase the reach and thus, the strength of the Society.


Zone Division with Directors and Head Offices

  S.No.   Command Name   Head Office   Email-Id
  1.   Northern Command   Lucknow
  2.   Eastern Command   Shimla
  3.   Western Command   Mumbai
  4.   Southern Command   Hyderabad
  5.   Central Command   Raipur