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Chapters Blueprint

Chapters can be viewed most significantly as “Branches” or “Regional Operations Center” of INDIAN CYBER ARMY, and are initiated to act as outreach centres so that INDIAN CYBER ARMY members can meet and carry out activities according to their own local needs.

All INDIAN CYBER ARMY Chapters come under the INDIAN CYBER ARMY Chapters Bureau that is headed by the Director of Chapters. Each INDIAN CYBER ARMY Chapter is administered by a Chapter Committee, which comprises:

  • A Chapter Chairperson,
  • A Secretary,
  • A Treasurer and,
  • Four (2) committee members.

The INDIAN CYBER ARMY Committee appoints Chapter Chairpersons on the recommendation of the Director of Chapters, after elections at the INDIAN CYBER ARMY Chapter level.

As a Indian Cyber Army member you can contact the Indian Cyber Army office and suggest activities that you would like Indian Cyber Army to organise in your chapters.


Indian Cyber Army Chapters serves the Objectives by serving the interests of a segment of the global community through a local presence, focus on local issues and developments, and use of local languages and provide opportunities for networking with other professionals, continuous learning programs, involvement in community activities and many more.