An Autonomous Body Registered Under The Indian Trusts Act. 1882

How to Join Indian Cyber Army

Indian Cyber Army is a Professional Cyber Security Organization Aimed with Digitally Secured India, which is providing its services to Government, National Police and Intelligence Agencies. Indian Cyber Army is the largest Association of ethical hackers, Cyber Crime Investigators and cyber security experts involved into social service. Its sole aim is to research, analyze, train and develop technology. It’s a team of Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Experts, and Programmers from across the country involved into creating awareness in the field of cyber security and to reduce the increasing Cyber Crimes.

We’re committed to help those who have enthusiasm as well as expertise in ethical hacking or information security industry to learn, grow and thrive.

With many certified members strong, we empower the professionals who touch every aspect of cyber, information, software, IT and infrastructure security.
With Indian Cyber Army certification, you join a recognized family of cyber and IT security professionals. You’ll have access to broad array of exclusive resources, educational tools and peer-to-peer networking opportunities, conference and event discounts, and much more to you help strengthen your career while helping us accomplish our mission of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world.


The membership in Indian Cyber army is offered on the basis of your academic qualification as well as experience if the case says. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who have enthusiasm to make career as ethical hacker or is a ethical hacker gets the right platform to showcase their skill and progress. We aim to deliver the best opportunity offering our members to assist them in building and growing their career. At Indian Cyber Army, we believe in continual professional development, and offer a range of training opportunities and mentoring programs. Through our events, conferences and online forums, members can connect and engage with other industry professionals, while enriching their technical knowledge and management skills.

The membership is available to any student above class Vlll in school to the ones who are pursuing their graduation level. We will provide you with expertise training sessions as well as help you to develop skills to work on realistic issues related perceived in practical wellbeing.
Membership fees: Rs.2499/- +Training Fee (depends on list of programs you choose).


The membership is available to the individuals who acquire certificate from any ethical hacking institute.

Membership Fees: Rs.2499/- + Skill testing Fee (depends on expertise you choose).


The membership is available for the individuals who acquire more than 3 years of experience in information security industry.

Membership Fees: Rs.2499/-

NOTE:- If you don’t want to take membership, you can instead take part in our events organized.

For more information regarding this visit: Membership Benefits and Membership Levels