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Online Frauds Part 2 : Social Media Frauds

“Be cautious while interacting on such sites and conduct background checks before giving away money for a decent cause to safeguard yourself against social media frauds .”

The popularity of social media like Facebook, micro-blogging sites like Twitter, dating sites, online consumer complaint forums, charity and crowdfunding sites have spawned a contemporary set of scamsters that preys on the personal info posted inadvertently by members.

  • Modus operandi of social media frauds: There are numerous online shopping sites that need you to log in through Facebook or mail and this could be an easy entry point for fraudsters, who can misuse your bank details, phone numbers or mail login and password to clean out your account.


  • Social media : look out also of friends’ friends who ask you for money. Expose yourself solely to the individuals you recognize on social media,” says Mr. Kislay Chaudhary.


  •  Complaint forums: take care what information you volunteer on such sites.


  • Crowdfunding and charities:  Despite the noble sentiment concerned, be cautious about giving money without validating the claims of the backers. On 26 february 2016, an Indian american, Manisha Nagrani, was arrested in the U.S. for raising thousands of bucks via crowdfunding to assist cover the price of treating her blood cancer. She had been absolutely healthy all along.

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  • Dating scams:  although this is more common abroad, it’s not fully unknown in India. If you befriend someone on a dating website and also the person starts demanding money for travelling to meet you or different emergencies, medical or otherwise, comprehend it to be a fraud.


  • Preventive steps for social media frauds:
    You may not be able to seek redressal or have legal rights to assert the money lost because you either volunteered the money or information yourself. So the best you can do is avoiding these Don’t provide money without knowing how it is going to be used and ensure to use secure payment channels while giving money to charities or for crowdfunding.

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