INDIAN CYBER ARMY is an Association of Ethical Hackers & RESOURCE CENTER for National Police Agencies, Intelligence Agencies, Research Centers, Industry Experts, Government Agencies, Academic Leaders along with Individuals to meet the long term security challenges in the digital arena of the modern world, by bridging the gap between the latest changes and innovations in the cyber space.



We integrate state-of-the-art technology with industry insight to provide 24x7 business-focused operational cyber security.



Our Cyber Security Research Road Map is an attempt to enable us to protect from upcoming cyber threats and Attacks.



We Provide Assistance and Training in Cyber Crimes Investigation impacting citizens & businesses to Law Enforcement Agencies alongwith Individuals.



Capacity building is one of the most important aspects of our Agenda. We have Customized Programs for the Need of Everyone.


Indian Cyber Army is fully committed to working with the Government, Policy Makers & Individuals to ensure a Positive Impact on Reducing Cyber Crimes & Attacks.
Discover the ways that Indian Cyber Army advocates for the core issues related to Cyber Crimes & Attacks.
Our Initiative

Cyber Crime Helpline

Cyber Crime Helpline gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations.

Our Initiative

Hacker's Empanelment

Hacker's Empanelment is an initiative to develop a database of Skilled Ethical Hackers who looks after the National Interest and wants to contribute in protecting Cyberspace.

Our Initiative

The Cyber Debate

The Cyber Debate is a National Conference to highlight & discuss the threats alongwith preparedness of National Agencies to fight against cyber crimes and their solutions.

Our Initiative

Cyber Sipahi

Cyber Sipahi Project is a school-based initiative to promote cyber ethics in students & complement the education system through cyber awareness for youth.

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Our objective is to provide you the useful information about the happenings in cyber world.
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Mission Partners

Indian Cyber Army strongly believes in the power of partners and collaborative efforts. We works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges of Cyber Crimes across nation.

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Indian Cyber Army is a friendly and welcoming organization. Everything we do here is about people, and we can't do the work that we do every day without people like you, and without a really strong community support base. We encourages you to get involved and help us achieve our Vision.

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Your contribution shall be used to promote the safe & responsible use of the Internet and the empowerment of the cyber society from unseen digital threats.

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Invite our Team at your campus for quality sessions on Cyber Awareness or Training on Cyber Crime Investigations including current trends of cyber crimes & threats.


The support team at Indian Cyber Army has been exceptional. They provided support for departments, which enabled us to jump start our business with security from malware, viruses & exploits and allowed us to truly differentiate ourselves in a crowded space.

I am happy for your success. Keep it up, you have a great potential. Hope I could be a part of your project.

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