An Autonomous Body Registered Under The Indian Trusts Act. 1882

About Membership

Indian Cyber Army is a statutory organization created to represent the community of Ethical Hacking Professionals. We perform regulatory function by prescribing standards of professional conduct and etiquette and by exercising disciplinary jurisdiction over the organization. We also set standards for cyber-security education and grants Certification For Ethical Hacking which will serve as qualification for enrollment as an ethical hacker.

Becoming a member of Indian Cyber Army indicates a commitment to learning, growing personal and business success in the IT channel. All of our membership benefits are aimed at providing our members in the information security industry with a wealth of resources that when leveraged result in measurable impact to the member organization.

ICA’s Membership is also a two-way street. It’s not just about consuming, but also contributing – not just to the association, but more importantly to other members and the information security industry as a whole. Our members drive our programs through their participation in ICA’s community, researches, events, sharing of best practices and more. We draw on our members’ expertise and experience to shape our services. Each and every member brings something different to the table and it’s those unique characteristics that make ICA strong.

The statutory function that covers the organization’s regulatory and representative mandate for the ethical hacking profession and education is to take care the National Interest in addition the prosperity of the community at large and to find the Best Ethical Hackers and Information Security Experts among them who can ensure the Cyberspace of India & make it accessible to the Government & Industry.


The members of ICA shall be engaged:

• To conduct seminars, conferences, conventions, trade fairs, lectures and awareness campaigns that are specially structured and tailor made for the different target segments.

• To enable effective prevention, investigation and prosecution of cybercrime and enhancement of law enforcement capabilities through appropriate legislative intervention.

• To enable Protection of information while in process, handling, storage & transit so as to safeguard privacy of citizen’s data and reducing economic losses due to cyber crime or data theft.

• To enhance and create National and Sectoral level 24X7 mechanism for obtaining strategic information regarding threats to ICT infrastructure, creating scenarios for response, resolution and crisis management through effective predictive, preventive, protective response and recovery actions.

• To make a secure cyber ecosystem in the nation, create adequate trust and confidence in IT framework and exchanges in the cyberspace and in this way improve adoption of IT in all divisions of the economy.

• To engage with governments, regulators, industry associations and think tanks on policy matters through Public Advocacy.

• To put forward recommendations to the Government and Industry for Cyber security policies and implementations.

• Knowledge Enhancement for the core Departments handling cyber crime issues, provide a forum for discussion on new changes, threats, loopholes and to provide suitable inputs to create cyber safe India.

• To fortify the Regulatory Framework for guaranteeing a secure cyberspace ecosystem.