An Autonomous Body Registered Under The Indian Trusts Act. 1882

Acceptable Ethics

We at Indian Cyber Army expect the highest ethical conduct from everyone in our organization. We expect each member/ employee to conduct business with integrity, comply with all applicable laws and regulations and represent Indian Cyber Army’s best interests. Our expectations not only apply to each of our employees, but also any client, representatives and independent volunteers we closely work with. This Code of conduct/Acceptable ethics covers a wide range of practices and procedures. This Code of conduct does not and cannot cover every aspect that may arise. The Code of conduct sets forth basic principles to guide you as a representative of Indian Cyber Army by passing which can make you acquainted with some unfair situations/termination. The following basic business practices and acceptable ethics are described:


The following basic business practices and  Acceptable Ethics are described:

  • Keep private and confidential information gained in your professional work, (specifically in accordance with client records and his personal information). Not gather, give, offer, or exchange any personal information, (for example, name, email address, Social Security number, or another one of a kind identifier) to an outsider without prior consent from Cyber Army.
  • Never intentionally utilize programming or process that is acquired or held either unlawfully or deceptively.
  • Not to take part in deceptive financial practices, for example, bribery, double billing, or other inappropriate monetary practices.
  • Disclose to every single concerned party those irreconcilable circumstances that can’t sensibly be avoided and escaped.
  • Add to the information of the Cyber Army by consistent investigation; share the lessons of your experience with fellow Cyber Army members.
  • Conduct oneself in the most moral and skillful way while requesting proficient administration, consequently justifying trust in your insight and honesty.
  • Ensure moral lead and expert care consistently on every single proficient task without partiality.
  • To neither connect with malicious hackers nor take part in any noxious exercises.
  • Not to deliberately trade off or enable the client association’s frameworks to be bargained throughout your work.
  • Ensure all penetration testing exercises are approved and inside lawful cutoff points.
  • Not to participate in any black hat activity or be associated with any black hat community that serves to jeopardize systems.
  • Not to be a part of any underground hacking community for purposes of lecturing and growing black hat activities.
  • Not to make inappropriate reference to the certification or deluding utilization of certifies, marks or logos in publications, catalogues documents or speeches.
  • Not convicted of any lawful offense, or abused any tradition that must be adhered to.
  • Not to make deluding and/or unauthorized proclamation in regards to the certification or Cyber Army.
  • Discontinue the utilization of all claims with respect to the certification which contains any reference to Cyber Army or to the certification upon suspension/withdrawal of the said membership.
  • Return any belongings issued by Cyber Army upon suspension/withdrawal of the membership.
  • To not to take part in any deceiving occurrence, breach of security, misconduct or whatever other conducts that could be viewed as a trade-off of the integrity or privacy of Cyber Army.