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Resource Centers

Indian Cyber Army to support Cyber Safety and Cyber Security will set up resource centers the nation over as a team with different schools, colleges, and universities with the following primary objectives:

  • To showcase to industry the environment and skills of students & faculty who are a part of the resource centers.
  • To give students & faculty a hand on condition, so they can practice what they learn.
  • To give opportunities towards advanced research and publishing of papers for meriting students & faculty.
  • To encourage students who might want to take up a profession in Cyber Security industry.

Towards accomplishing this objective, Indian Cyber Army intends to set up Resource Centers crosswise over India, with the target of conducting cyber security Awareness, Training, and Research.


By associating with Indian Cyber Army, Institutes will gain admittance to high tech research labs, and the latest updates on cyber security over the globe.  Institutes can get a reputation in the Industry, not withstanding tie ups with industry for research cum training activities. Institutes will likewise gain admittance to the latest cyber security curriculum/ educational modules and can join the same in their labs for security courses. The certificate will also be issued to Resource Center and the Institution.


By associating with Indian Cyber Army and setting up a cyber-security resource centers, a lot of entities stand to benefit. Some of them are as per the following,

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Institutions

It will be an incredible open door for students to outfit themselves with the latest techniques and furthermore to stay up to date with what is going on in industry. Not exclusively will it prepare the students, it will also assist them in suitable placements.


On an ongoing basis, National Cyber Security Programme will organize different events and programs based on the requirements. These will include,

  • Seminars by well known personalities in the field.
  • Hackathons.
  • Specialization programs for universities and colleges.
  • Cyber Security Summits.


There is a wide range of components that motivate students and researchers. These incorporate power, accomplishment, open door for progression, the capacity to contribute, and so forth. Another major factor is the power of recognition.

Members who like their capacities and their commitments to the resource center or team will probably be cheerful, content and propelled. When they are perceived for their endeavors, they will likewise proceed in their want to exceed expectations. To empower and cultivate perfection, Indian Cyber Army will give awards for achievements in the different fields of Cyber Security/ Information Security.